charles r pearce

Charles R Pearce: Art Director || Graphics, Production, Post Designer
Austin Texas

Former AmeriCorps service volunteer, Eagle Scout, and 2010 graduate of Indiana University with a degree in Media Production and Digital Art; Charles started his career with a production internship in 2008 managing a room of nearly thirty student editors for - a groundbreaking, Webby Award winning new media endeavor focused on independent video game journalism and entertainment. Built by students, run by students.

This led to a prestigious followup internship in Atlanta Georgia with Adult Swim at Turner running tapes, quality testing online content, and managing/organizing media assets.

By graduation Charles had several gallery presentations of his work, published in art books, won awards, and screened an independent short film in New York with the annual student centric Campus Movie Festival.

After college a relocation to Chicago placed Charles as an Apple Store "Creative" teaching professional media software to customers at the significant Lincoln Park Apple Store during the transition to Final Cut X.

In 2011 Charles left Apple for a professional apprenticeship under Mike Kauffman and Motion Video Inc. in the city for four years working on internal corporate marketing content, convention coverage, and non-profit commercial work.

With a growing set of clients (such as Colortek/Marvel, Fight for 15, MTV, and UnRated Magazine). Charles launched himself as a full-time freelance editor in 2012, growing into producing, editing with motion graphics, and visual design as well.

2014 brought dramatic new changes with a move to Austin Texas and screen credits as the Graphics Editor for Season 7 of Shipping Wars.

A frequent editor for SXSW, Charles began networking the local Austin creative scene with his skills and experiences leading to the eventual launch of a boutique creative office in East Austin.

Since 2015 Charles has co-managed Left Turn Only a media-centric design boutique closely partnered with advertising agencies and production studios in Central Texas where he still works today as an Art Director and independent contractor.