Post Haste is my favorite free “boutique” app for post production workflows (with something like Jarle’s Presets probably coming in a close second).

The screenshot sums it up well. It duplicates a prebuilt folder tree, and also supports some straightforward name replacement. I personally don’t use the name replacement for anything more complex than dictating Date, Client ID’s, and Project ID’s – and when people ask for my advice I’m hard pressed to find much more that needs to be managed in the name replacement. If you have a specific need… here’s the manual and here’s the support page.

What I really like though, is the Adobe Creative Suite files you can place in the template. You can have each file set up as it’s own template, thus making Post Haste a templater of templates! Inception!

I never feel irritated by the updates (they all seem to be stability patches anyway), there’s zero data mining. It lives 100% local, and Digital Rebellion is pretty transparent how Post Haste is an enticement to draw you into Kollaborate, which is their bread and butter.

I don’t know how it’s working out for them, but Post Haste is free of nagware, and you don’t need to create a profile or give over an email.

I can imagine how other people with highly repeatable digital work might be able to come up with really clever usages of Post Haste…especially if you begin to integrate tools like Dropbox or Zapier into the mix. Hm. That’s a fun thought.

Give the app a spin sometime. It may more intense of a tool than you’re hunting for – but if creative asset management is your jam, go kick the tires on Post Haste.

Thanks for reading!

—Charles P.

BONUS POINTS: Digital Rebellion also has a delightfully comprehensive glossary of Post Production terminology and jargon.