Announcements & Press Documentation

Highlighting key activities and acknowledgements.

Releasing October 31, 2020. This Giddy Future: OUROBOROS is a cinematic loop in loving blacks and dark greys exploring visual metaphors of infinity. Meditative and full of tension.

Debuted August 19th, 2020. This Giddy Future: E N D L E S S S U M M E R collection. A vaporwave/aesthetic inspired post-glitch series of nostalgia.

Debuted August 6th, 2020. This Giddy Future: FLOW STATE collection. A post-glitch series capturing statements of pure harmony between operator and machine.

With over 2 million Austinites in the metro area, The Austin Art Boards competition calls itself the “largest outdoor gallery in Texas”. Reagan Advertising maintains their unused OOH large billboards as a curated, rotating art gallery throughout the city.