This Giddy Future

Artist pseudonym, social media handle, or as an exhibit installation title; the THIS GIDDY FUTURE moniker is creativity focused on the production of digitally-organic abstraction within intangible social spaces. Embeds from YouTube.

(if you’re looking to explore something less formal, try the sketchbook)


Various select works (November 2018 – February 2019)

Series 1 was a collage sprint in the evenings after work. 3 works per session. Not every night, but frequent. Over the course of four months compositional tension, color exploration, and layout were tinkered and experimented with.

A collage-centric photo-manipulation series by nature, successful results were driven by a careful eye for asset selection and filter stacking. While technically sophisticated there is an unexpected minimalism in how few procedural steps were necessary to create organically rich, unexpected artworks.



Television and the Public Interest Revisited (March 2019 – September 2019)

I was approached to develop a creative piece for an unusual piece of technology, the BroomX MK360 projector. This large capsule shaped projector will display 360/VR format content across a 270º room arc overtaking the wall space with media. A novel “surround” experience.

Television and the Public Interest is a significant speech from the early days of television broadcast history when a potent and principled FCC (…weird right?) spoke directly to broadcasters praising their innovations in story — but demanding far more than the baseless violence and cheap thrills that already dominated the airwaves.

In revisiting these words, this experimental essay video modernizes the moment and ask the media of our here and now to push further and be more and avoid becoming another vast wasteland. Television and the Public Interest Revisited is a culmination of cutting edge projection technology, in a fresh media format using stylized experimental visuals to drive home a timeless argument on improving our culture. Television and the Public Interest Revisited debuted at SIGNAL 001, 2019, and SXSW 2019 German Haus. This work would not have been possible without Crosswater Media.

360/VR Video Clip 004 (04/23/19)

360/VR Video Clip 030 (5/29/19)

360/VR Video Clip 098 (9/18/19)

360/VR Video Clip 117 (9/21/19)


Various select works (October 2019 – December 2019)

Series 3 takes us from video post-processing to vector pattern manipulation. A new exploration in using color gradients and abstract mesh expressions to cultivate tension and significance. The colors and shapes lead the eye and the framing amplifies the drama of these procedural doodles. Done in a batch process these images all became individual frames in the abstract screen saver installation PATTERN KIOSK and exhibited at SIGNAL 002, 2019.

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