Inspired by the novelty of change

This Giddy Future

Creative pseudonym, exhibit title…; THIS GIDDY FUTURE is a digital artistic identity for producing and publishing 2D & 3D abstractions across the metaverse. Debuting in 2018 on Instagram from Austin Texas, by 2020 the studio project had expanded to include VR/360 works and purchasable NFTs.

Living on social media platforms, websites, in galleries, and on blockchains THIS GIDDY FUTURE uses the propagation of art anywhere to expand reach and gain providence. We are our own self-importance. If we did not platform ourselves, no one would come to the rescue. The radical act of “doing” is what matters. THIS GIDDY FUTURE exists, because it was created; it’s experienced because it was delivered. Evidence of participation is status. Evidence of ‘evidence of participation’ is also status.

Driven by a pursuit of using “cool technologies” the visual aesthetics come from asking “what happens when I try this?” Enthusiasm for working with new media tools underpins the overall project. Strong influences from Collage Art, Glitch/Generative Art, Motion Art, and Trash Art . Presenting with the following digital standards: 300dpi, 16:9, 60fps, 4K, sRGB.


(November 2020)

Our two delicate dancers move and intertwine to their own rhythm, a single fragile moment of harmony in contemplation of what makes us human. 1920×1080.

motion art


(October 2020)

OUROBOROS is a cinematic loop in loving blacks and dark greys exploring visual metaphors of infinity. Meditative and full of tension, this high quality animated aesthetic plays back in beautiful 1920×1080.

glitch art


(August 2020)

We have long been told the finite limits of ones and zeros create a permanent barrier – an ethereal membrane between us and emotion born of digital experiences. CPUs and Pixels are tools. The inspirations, the efforts, the decisions, and the outputs are all distinctly human.

post-glitch art


(August 2020)

With the right ears, you can still hear the waves.
With the right eyes, you can still see the sunset.
With the right moment, you can stay forever.

Digital Art SERIES IV

(December 2019 – March 2020)

From generated backgrounds to lovingly created features. Series 4 was about intentional feature creation alongside interesting generative processes.. However, all that was placed on hold when the world ended March 2020.

This Giddy Future Series 3 Gallery || crpearce creative

Digital Art SERIES III

(October 2019 – December 2019)

A new exploration in using color gradients and abstract mesh expressions to cultivate tension and significance. The colors and shapes lead the eye and the framing amplifies the drama of these procedural doodles. Originally part of Pattern Kiosk that debuted during SIGNAL 002.

Digital Art SERIES II

(March 2019 – September 2019)

Television and the Public Interest is a significant speech from the early days of broadcast history when a potent and principled FCC spoke directly to broadcasters demanding more than simple cheap thrills on our airwaves.

Digital Art SERIES I

(November 2018 – February 2019)

Series 1 is collage art produced during evenings, after the workday. Three works per session, usually with tv shows in the background, on a laptop. Not every night, but frequent, so while I wanted the actual creative session to hold some productivity pressure, I was okay skipping a night if inspiration was a struggle or fatigue had the better of me. During this run, compositional tension, color exploration, and layout were explored.

Created almost exclusively from existing material, Series 1 is remix.


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