Video Content

A timeline of notable video projects with production credit. Embeds from YouTube and Vimeo.

The Crow and The Pitcher

Producer & Editor

Oil & Milk

Producer & Director

Television and The Public Interest (Revisited)

Producer & Director

Velocity Credit Union: “Free!”

Editor & Animator

Bernie Sanders: “Think Big”

Producer & Editor

MAMAHAWK: “Brain Invaderz!”


SIGNAL 002: Motion & Animation Art Show (Event, 2019)

Event Producer

Intro Speech & Evening Awards

Fireside Chat: Minnow Mountain

Fireside Chat: John LaPrime & Brian Behm

SIGNAL 001: Motion & Animation Art Show (Event, 2019)

Event Producer

Evening Highlight Reel

Guest Speaker: James Ramirez

Guest Speaker: Mathias Omotola

Snap Kitchen: “Box With Benefits”


Accenture: Human Services Pitch “New Mexico”


ORBERA Weight Loss Balloon: “It’s Time for a Change”


Satalights: “Girl”


Chakra Kahn: “Cracks”


Wonderbitch: “Run Ya”


Velocity Credit Union: FAQs With Nico (Web Series, 2018)

Associate Producer

Episode 02: “Credit vs Credit vs Credit”

Episode 03: “Balance and Available Balance”

Episode 05: “Rebuilding Your Credit”

Modern Submissions (Insurance SaaS Startup, 2017)

Associate Producer

“Modern Submissions Explained”

“One Simple Email”

“Clarity for Your Clients”

Apollo Endosurgery’s ORBERA Weight Loss Balloon: ORBERA Success (Web Series, 2017)

Associate Producer for Post-Production

ORBERA Success: Meet Clara

ORBERA Success: Meet Christina & Jaime

ORBERA Weight Loss Balloon: “Mary’s Journey”

SXSW (Conference, 2017)


A Conversation with Rachael Ray

Nile Rodgers | Music Keynote

Ray & Amy Kurzweil on Collaboration and the Future

SXSW Convergence Track (Conference, 2016)


“Google Self-Driving Car Project”

“How Do We Get Billions of People to Eat Less Meat?”

“Silicon Valley: Making the World a Better Place”

SXSW Red Carpet (Conference, 2015)


“Molly Ringwald & Ally Sheedy The Breakfast Club Red Carpet Q&A”

“Amy Schumer Trainwreck Red Carpet Q&A”

“John Cusack Love & Mercy Red Carpet Q&A”

Shipping Wars Season 7 (Cable Television, 2014)

Graphics Editor

S7E5: “Power Rangers and Vampire Dangers

S7E12: “Looney Tunes Blues

S7E18: “Gumby’s 60th Veggie Surprise

Dirty Furry (Web Series, 2014)

Producer & Writer

Series Title/Teaser

Winters of Discontent

Los Decapitados

International Home + Housewares Show (Conference, 2013)

Production Assistant & Junior Editor

Hamilton Beach

S’Well Bottle

Le Creuset

The Mechanicals (Web Series, 2011)

Producer & Writer

Episode 01 “Pinger Fluckin

Episode 03: “Office Space

Episode 07: “Google Buzz

[Adult Swim]

College Internship, Summer 2009

Charles Tries Bumping

AS Clearance

10,000 Hours

College Internship, 2008-2009
Post-Production Management

In Dead Space Only Can Hear You Scream!

Game Developer Choice Awards 2009: Prince of Persia Interview

GameZombie 2009 Webby Honoree Award Reel

Student Projects

Indiana University Bloomington (2006 – 2010)

Shat on the Beach (Another All-Star)

Student Cinematographer

Sports Car Caravan

Student Animator

It’s Okay to be Happy

Student Writer & Director