Student Run Production Management at GameZombie tv

GameZombie’s has produced over 190 original reviews, previews, and interviews for global webcast, garnering over 50 front page editor’s picks, front page articles in six online newspapers, competitive visibility on most of the top video-hosting sites, two iTunes podcasts, a cable access and student TV show, over 1.5 million global viewcounts, a 2008 Webby Honoree award, and a 2009 Webby Honoree award.

My specific responsibilities involve overseeing the editing team, keeping them on task, offering guidance in creating the best edit, and managing the complex upload process of 2 weekly videos across twenty different publishing platforms.

Student-produced is a Webby Honoree for second straight year

Indiana Daily Student: For Immediate Release, May 14 2009

Created less than 3 years ago, the student-run multimedia project has provided hands-on experience in production and Web development to more than 125 IU students.

GameZombie has produced 240 original videos for global webcast and garnered more than 100 front page editor’s picks on major video sharing sites, front page articles in 10 online news outlets and competitive visibility on the world’s top search engines.

gamezombie and charles r pearce

Promotion and distribution agreements with various web sites, including Dailymotion, GameTrailers, National Lampoon, Kewego, Joost, Buzzwire, and Bebo — as well as official YouTube Partner status — have pushed GameZombie’s global view count to more than 6 million. The students also regularly produce a podcast that is available through iTunes.

GameZombie has covered events such as the Game Developer’s Conferences in San Francisco and Austin, E3 in Los Angeles, the World Series of Video Games in Louisville, Ky., and GenCon in Indianapolis. It has produced more than 125 interviews with some of the biggest names in the video game industry, including Peter Molyneux of Fable 2, Todd Howard of Fallout 3, Ben Mattes of Prince of Persia and Cliff Bleszinski of Gears of War 2.


Charles is an independent motion video & animation producer living in Austin Texas that used to review rock and roll bands in Chicago, writes the occasional scripts, and loves a good production story.