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I want guests feeling comfortable and willing to open up about their journeys, experiences, and inspirations – and I can get there quicker with a lightweight setup in a back yard far easier than scheduled studio time

Having my long history and wide wide breadth of url resources all sorted and organized for my own weird quirky brain has helped me work faster

This is one of those small simple tools that has become so consistent and useful in my Photoshop workflow I utterly take it for granted, but I immediately notice its absence anytime I’m producing content away from my personal workstations.

It duplicates a prebuilt folder tree, and also supports some straightforward name replacement. Post Haste is my favorite free “boutique” app for post production workflows (with something like Jarle’s Presets probably coming in a close second).

MAX (The Glitch)

9/28/2014 || Sketchbook

A glitch art exploration, September 2014.

Glitchy Wall Light (Liberty Bar, East Austin) – A glitch art exploration, September 2014.

“Faceplant!” This chair was discovered abandoned in a dry riverbed during a photography outing. September 2014.

Glitch Tree

8/6/2014 || Sketchbook

A glitch art exploration where a photo I took was run through a sonification process and finished in Photoshop. August 2014.

A TV Room

7/9/2014 || Sketchbook

A glitch art exploration using a tactic called “sonification” to turn images into audio files, and back again. July 2014.

A breakdown of the comic book coloring restoration process I have been involved with, while working on Marvel Comic properties.


1/9/2012 || Sketchbook

Free-form doodling, mucking about with shapes. Nothing terribly interesting. Then I put it on a giant vertical canvas with a gradient.

Lazy Art

1/5/2012 || Sketchbook

It’s the absolute least I could muster. A Proper placeholder. Some real low effort thinking. Didn’t even try hard to find a nice font.

Flyingbago (A Space Vacation)

10/23/2011 || Sketchbook

I’m really new with Adobe Illustrator. I downloaded some reference art, and basically traced shapes to get the van look, and borrowed bits from airplanes.

I Watch You (Every Night)

06/05/2011 || Sketchbook

Heavily influenced by the television style design of Adult Swim’s on-air graphics, I did a doodle in a kinda creepy kinda clever vibe. Lots of Photoshop stamps.


I’m not really sure what this work is all about. I worked as fast and as free-form as possible creating an aggressive and unsettling image.