An accomplished editor, videographer, artist, designer, and project manager with seven years (and counting!) of creative media design experiences, and a career that has produced work for SXSW, Marvel, Adult Swim, and more.

A highly motivated team player, thriving in fast-paced feedback driven environments capable of consistent quality results and a willingness to lead, mentor, and support any team.

Charles is the current Art Director at Left Turn Only in Austin Texas.

A massive nationwide commercial campaign with television and social media spots. I was brought in as the lead on post production for all content managing an additional editor and sound designer through the process and interfacing with Creative Directors and Clients alike. It was refreshing to put honesty and humility at the forefront of a weight loss campaign.

Even with amazing latitude in the content creation process, expediency still drove the execution with stock footage and a library of Bernie Sanders A/V recordings. This was developed into a manifesto piece to compliment the fantastic 'America' ad. 'Think Big' released on the campaign's Facebook page in March of 2016 and has cleared over 600,000 views. 

Brought in as a last second Assistant Director by an agency out of Los Angeles I worked with 360 studios on a single day commercial shoot, and performed the first round of editorial in post production. It was exceptionally valuable to a rapid turnaround to have spent time in both production and post in key positions.

In a rare time of technological transition Marvel Comics utilized an army of freelancers to digitally re-color and re-master the entire "Pre-Photoshop" library of books. Armed with a swatch set and keyboard shortcuts to toggle through color channels countless comic books were brought to the mobile era for consumption.


AABC17_Infinity Hall BILLBOARD_crpearce - 6x24

This work was awarded a selection in the 2018 Austin Art Boards competition as one of ten recipients whose work will be placed in rotation by Reagan Advertising on unused billboard space in the Austin Texas area for a year or longer.



These have been some of my favorite career experiences, and I learned quite a bit from the talented creatives I have been surrounded by. Whether I have worked as a Production Assistant, Editor, Director, or something else in between my personal goal has always been to leave more knowledgeable and thoughtful than I arrive. It has been a gift to work with so many diverse people in so many different cities, on so many different creative challenges.

The SXSW Conference online stream and YouTube channel reaches millions of viewers around the world showcasing some of the worlds best thinkers and performing talent. On seasonal contract a tight knit crew of contract editors work in the heart of the event turning live panels into video playlists with style and impact

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Modern software demands are both a blessing and a curse. On one hand never has so much creative power been at the fingertips of the designer...yet it's become and arms race to prove proficiency in as many applications as possible. Mastery of singular programs is no longer enough, rather each program is a different tool within a substantially larger process.