My career has always orbited the editors chair, if not always directly in it. Editorial was my first access to storytelling in media beyond a basic PA gig. And because of the rise in creative technology, the post production space commands more and more influence in an overall production, making it a great launching point to understand the whole workflow and pipeline.

For last three years I was the lead video designer at Left Turn Only, a small creative video design/production agency. This role thrust me into technical leadership, account handling, and stepping into any unfilled role at any moment.

I bring pragmatic, strategic decision making to tight-stakes video production that maintains impactful style & design.


Making critical story/design decisions from the editor's chair comes naturally, and always with an eye on publishing destinations and various editing styles and structures. Originally in Final Cut Pro 7, and currently with the Adobe Creative Suite of software (including Premiere Pro and After Effects). I maintain a working familiarity with Final Cut Pro X, and Blackmagic's DaVinci Resolve.

ORBERA Weight Loss Device: Never Again

30 second national commercial I led post production on in partnership with 360 Studios and Swizzle Collective. Total campaign included 5 social spots and several variations of the lead commercial. I lead a post production team of 3.

BERNIE SANDERS 2016: Think Big

A viral 30 second social piece asking primary election voters to "Think big. Not small". After partnering with content producers in the Bernie Sanders campaign the video received over 500,000 views in the first 24 hours on the official Bernie Sanders Facebook page.


B2B marketing material for Accenture Interactive in partnership with Swizzle Advertising Collective. We would be activated to produce introductory support videos for high stakes pitches, often with 4 days (or less) notice. Strategically created with voice overs and stock assets for a board room audience.


Filming music videos has always been a dream of mine and I have been very fortunate to work with some of the leading names in the Austin music community. These intensely creative and passionate musicians have pushed my skills to the outer limits of inventiveness. I am most familiar with Panasonic/Lumix cameras, but quite comfortable with most Sony and Canon cameras as well.

MAMAHAWK: "Brain Invaderz!"

An experiment filming miniature for a throwback to the studio produced bumpers of 90s youth television. A slimy corruption invades our story world as three penguins attempt to escape. We set up many different trick shots across a two day filming marathon.


A single day in a simple warehouse full of density haze, a data projector and smooth as silk concrete floors to steer a camera around. Lots of fluid movement, vintage lenses, and classic filming into the light. 

WONDERB***H: "Run Ya"

Filmed at Storycraft before they relocated, we took a simple performance set up and ran the edit through a deep dream AI engine frame by frame for a surreal pseudo animated aesthetic. Thankfully I had assistants for the very time consuming processing steps. 


Over the years I have worked many different on-set roles assisting and supporting production. I am comfortable leading single and dual camera shoots of teams 10 or less for budgets under $50,000.

SNAP KITCHEN: The Box With Benefits

Assistant Director during principal filming with 360 Studios, and Senior Editor with Left Turn Only on this Snap Kitchen social media commercial. Created for the agency Supermoon in LA.

SXSW: Conversation with Rachael Ray

SXSW Pro Media is a full scale production team responsible for publishing the SXSW YouTube channel. Ten days delivering a large quantity of finished edits daily within a disciplined workflow on deadline. This piece is from the 2017 conference.


Swizzle Collective's content series produced with Velocity Credit Union. Principal Cinematographer, and Post Production supervisor for episodes 1-5.


Data is table stakes, numbers have always been part of decision making. there still has to be authentic human expression underneath and storytelling that connects - in narrative or emotion. In my art I seek to extract the emotion in the media and identify the organic within the digital.

SIGNAL: This Giddy Future Experimental Video

This installation is an experimental video essay designed to be played back on a MKplayer360 from BROOMX Technologies. It debuted on March 9th, 2019 at Signal 2019 a one-time digital art gallery takeover of the MusX office in East Austin on the eve of SXSW 2019. It then premiered a few nights later at GermanHaus during SX19.


AUSTIN ART BOARDS: Infinity Hallway

A 2017 Select winner for the Regan Outdoor Advertising annual art selection. Each winner becomes an outdoor billboard rotated through Austin for many years in the largest outdoor art gallery in the area, the billboards.


Created on my back patio, this was a 60 second proof of concept. I used various household oils, and acrylic paints in a baking sheet filled with milk. Filmed on an iPhone over two evenings.


I'm always practicing, I'm always creating. What I do to push the boundaries of my skills often doesn't make it to a portfolio. This small segment is to show off a few pieces that I love that never found a more useful place to be. Check out my art Instagram profile for more.