charles r pearce

Background in content production for narrative, commercial, and marketing media.

Charles is a published author, artist and accomplished media production professional. With years of production, technical, and creative experience producing stylistic, and engaging content.

He received his degree in Video Production & Design from Indiana University Bloomington School of Telecommunications, and interned with the Webby Award winning GameZombie and groundbreaking cable network Adult Swim. After school Charles apprenticed at Motion Video in Chicago, remastered comic books for Marvel, wrote articles for UnRated Magazine, and debuted a web series “The Mechanicals” on SkyTV before moving to Austin in 2014.

In Texas, Charles has worked for SXSW, season 7 of Shipping Wars, various advertising agencies, and became a fixture within the local creative media scene. Charles also co-produced the first two SIGNAL animation and art events in 2019, and currently runs crpearce creative as an independent producer’s office for motion & animation content.


charles r pearce