Austin Art Boards 2017 Winner

“Infinity Hallway”

Austin Art Board

When our lead editor Alli Holland brought news to the Left Turn Only office that the Austin Art Boards competition was accepting submissions, I was excited to participate. Having moved to ATX in 2014, I’ve seen the Austin Art Boards works all over the city, and I knew I would like to participate…someday.

I began working on a photo collage piece that evening, and after several days of iterations, color, and small tweaks I submitted the above work.

Which was ultimately accepted as a winner.

The Austin Art Boards competition calls itself the “largest outdoor gallery in Texas”. Reagan Advertising maintains their unused OOH large billboards as a curated, rotating art gallery through the Austin metro area.

There was a lovely award event and ceremony where I met many of the other artists and got to see a TON of amazing works that would be introduced to the city.

We were told our works will be on rotation for as long as the vinyl billboards last.

Austin Art Board
Austin Art Board
Austin Art Board

If you see the billboard around the city, send me a picture! holler (at) crpearce (dot) net


Charles is an independent motion video & animation producer living in Austin Texas. Ten years experience telling stories, creating art, and bringing media production to life. Now operating a signature “remote-only” content studio