The Creative Creative Podcast

Authentic conversations with industry professionals, this passion project podcast captures the folk history of Austin creatives in the media scene.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S2E2: Dan is a successful television editor that spent many years working in Austin. We talk about the special qualities of the Austin media scene, and how awesome it is to have a creative community that breeds better production.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S2E1: Russell invited me to his home where we sat in his lovely backyard retreat talking about immersive media. 360 video, vr video and more. Russell explains the importance of the BroomX Projector and why immersive content is such an important passion of his.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S1E8: Alex is one cool all around creative. A multi-threat editor and animator that has worked for GSDM, Buzzfeed, and more we talk about the uncertainty of the contractor’s experience, how we communicate our skills to, and some musings on our collective experiences with clients that don’t understand us.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S1E6: Amy shared with me her stories as an independent producer traveling the planet bringing documentary content to life. We swap stories about the independent life, our respective experiences in video production, and an undying love for the work.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S1E7: My son could not abide being the only one left in the family not on the podcast. So we’ve jumped order a little bit to bring you one more April First episode of the Creative Creative where my six year old son answers some questions on the creativity he loves.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S1E5: A sweet April Fools episode where I sit down with my seven year old daughter and talk with her about being a kid and making art. This one is short and lighthearted.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S1E4: A Hero With a Computer, Matt talks with me about his rig, working from home, and staying balanced with a high demand career in contracting.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S1E3: Sara shares her work as a Software Developer, and how she arrived at this juncture as a second career individual coming off ten years experience teaching mathematics.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S1E2: Caegan has been an independent motion graphics artist for a decade in collaboration with national brands, agencies, and musical performance acts. He tells me about his professional creative universe, how he works, and we both wax philosophical about social media.

THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S1E1: Dane has been working for many years in Austin Texas as an editor on unscripted reality television shows. He shares his experiences, his time in Austin, and what he does to stay happy.

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Charles is an independent motion video & animation producer living in Austin Texas that loves a good production story.


The Creative Creative is a passion project podcast capturing folk histories “one conversation at a time” with working media creatives from around Austin Texas.