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Authentic conversations with industry professionals in the visual arts, this passion project captures the folk history of Austin creatives in the media scene, and stories from artists around the world.


THE CREATIVE CREATIVE S2E2: Dan is a successful television editor that spent many years working in Austin. We talk about the special qualities of the Austin media scene, and how awesome it is to have a creative community that breeds better production.


Season 02 Conversations

Conversations were recorded for The Creative Creative in late 2019, Austin Texas. Season 2 was halted prematurely during the 2020 pandemic.

The Creative Creative Season 01 Conversations

Conversations were recorded for The Creative Creative in 2019, Austin Texas.

The Creative Creative Live Stream

An evolving intersection between the digital media and digital fine arts landscapes. Twitch conversation alongside a little bit of creative practice; Friday afternoons – schedule permitting.

Podcasting Behind The Scenes

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The Creative Creative host charles r pearce

The entire podcast is about sitting down with someone who’s a working creative professional, or someone on the journey…and we dish.


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Charles is an independent motion video & animation producer living in Austin Texas that loves a good production story. After several years of interviewing subjects for corporate video – he’s now kicked back for far more relaxed and informal discussions.


The Creative Creative is a passion project podcast capturing folk histories “one conversation at a time” with working media creatives from around Austin Texas and elsewhere.