Sports Car Caravan Short Film

I and many of my content collaborators met and worked together in college. The May of 2010 was film festival season and we put together a short experimental film about life, love and the open road of commercial consumerism. Created for Campus Movie Fest, Sports Car Caravan took ‘Editor’s Choice’ at the Indiana University screening. The film then screened in New York at the regional semifinals.

sports car caravan

The spoken word script for the film was written by me, while Sam Sher hopped out on the highway for B-Roll. Luckly, Sam had just returned from a lengthy road trip in the Southwest and had oodles of extra footage of desert highway to blend with the local Indiana scenery.

After a few voice over recording sessions, some Photoshopping and an absurd night of editing and (yeah, really) animating in Final Cut 7 across 3 computers we had our short film finished.

The film screened on campus during a packed event full of really amazing entries, and remarkably we won an “editors choice” award and was selected to head to New York, which was an amazing experience for another time…


Charles is an independent motion video & animation producer living in Austin Texas that used to review rock and roll bands in Chicago, writes the occasional scripts, and loves a good production story.