GuideGuide is a Very Useful Extension

What is one of the most annoying things to do in Photoshop?

Cameron, the solo developer on the project, successfully identified one of the more annoying things in Photoshop – laying out your guides.

I have used GuideGuide since it was free and originally promoted on Reddit maybe 6 years ago. From the moment it was released to this day, I still use it often in Photoshop. Whether you are doing something simple or complex, GuideGuide is a brilliant little tool for saving time and making sure you’re dropping those guides with trustworthy precision..

I still recall how I laid out guides before discovering this extension. I would create my document, pull up a calculator app, run numbers and mathematically find my center point. Then I would zoom way way in to the canvas and scroll to that EXACT pixel measurement spot for the horizontal, then again for the vertical. It wasn’t much extra effort, but days over weeks over months over years…you noticed how much time gets consumed zooming in and out just to land that center point in new document after new document. GuideGuide “widgets” all of that.

I’ve been squatting on version 4 for a long time. Which is the paid version just before Cameron moved to a very reasonable subscription model ($35 a year in case you were wondering).

But the layout is mad easy to sort out, and within a few minutes you’re already saving time.

My own usages don’t really push me to do anything terribly complex, it’s all about the center point for me, and managing my edge borders.

It was the extra tool I never knew I needed.

A simple click “clear all guides” button. And yes, I know you can toggle and clear guides natively in Photoshop, but the immediacy of the clear all guides button (circle with a line through it) inside the extension pane saves me clicks and the opening of drop down menus.

All in all, this is one of those small simple tools that has become so consistent and useful in my Photoshop workflow I utterly take it for granted, and I immediately notice its absence anytime I’m producing content away from my personal workstations.

The website is a decent platform with a blog and support areas, but on the very rare occasion I’ve had a curiosity about the platform the creator has been incredibly fast in email replies with tons of extra info.

I’ve never met the developer, a guy named Cameron…but he seems like a chill person and he never spams you or up-sells you on additional products. I personally only ever use GuideGuide in Photoshop (its my image manipulation/layout program of choice) but over the years GuideGuide has expanded into several other layout programs. I strongly recommend you give it a chance.

It’s the small apps and extensions like GuideGuide and others as the connective tissue between the software giants that really makes individualized workflows so effective, and GuideGuide is one of the best.

Thanks for reading!


Charles is an independent motion video & animation producer living in Austin Texas that used to review rock and roll bands in Chicago, writes the occasional scripts, and loves a good production story.