Restoration Coloring for Digital Comic Books

A breakdown of the comic book coloring restoration process I have been involved with, while working on Marvel Comic properties. The company is undergoing a massive project to update old comics for digital consumption (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc…) and through a secondary firm I (among many) have been contracted to go book by book and ‘modernize’ the assets.

Here is a presentation of the original comic book page scan, digitally restored inks, and lastly digitally restored colored. The restored color is my contribution.

The production workflow is relatively straightforward, reference the print color combinations from the original scan, apply the colors in Photoshop in a layer under the restored inks.

I work with a very specific color palette of the classic Marvel print colors, and the project files with inks have been prepared for me. A 100% remote workflow, I only communicate with my producer via email.


Charles is an independent motion video & animation producer living in Austin Texas that used to review rock and roll bands in Chicago, writes the occasional scripts, and loves a good production story.